DIY for summer hair care routine

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Just like your skin hair too affected by sun rays. We take precautions for skin but should also take care of our hair in summer. Your hair gets lifeless and damage from the summer sun rays. We get more sweat in summers which cause hair problems like frizziness, oily hair, split ends, dandruff and hair fall.

Tips to protect your healthy and gorgeous hair in summer.

  • Start your summer with hair trimming- you will not sweat on the back of your neck and feel cool. Hair grows really faster in summer.
  • Avoid chemical based cosmetics- summer already damage your hair. The coloured hair change the natural quality of your hair. So avoid colouring during this period. Use home remedies to keep you hair shiny longer and healthier.

You can try organic ingredients to colour your hair.

  • Use Conditioner- Get one that suits your hair, again it should be chemical free.
  • Use gentle shampoo- Make sure your shampoo should be chemical free i.e. SLS.
  • Use DIY mask- Banana, alovera and curd mask. Mix these 3 ingredients and apply on your hair leave it for 1 hour after that shampoo your hair with mild shampoo. Your hair will get smoother and shiner.

It’s very difficult to get back healthy hair but it’s not impossible.Dont expect result in few days. Follow summer hair care tips and you will get amazing result


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