Benefits of Flax seeds & how to use it.

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Guys we all know that how much health is important for us. For healthy life healthy diet is very important. You should include seeds in your diet one of them is Flax seeds. It contains very health properties. Nowadays Flax seeds emerging as very balanced meal.

The health benefits of Flax seeds:

Contain Nutrients:It contains 42% fat, 29%carbs and 18% protein. 1 tablespoon of flax seeds provides good source of vitamins and minerals.

Flax seeds are high in omega 3 fats: It contains good fats that keep our heart healthy fish is the best source of omega 3 fats and if you don’t eat fish then flax seeds are the best source of omega 3 fats.

Rich source of lignans: Plant lignans in flax seeds which reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Flax lignans also help reduce blood pressure, stress and inflammation in your arteries.

Weight Control: you may add flax seeds in your weight loss diet. If you have the habit always eating something then flax seeds is effective to stop cravings and hunger. Due to soluble fibre and slow digestion in stomach provide a feeling of fullness.

Blood Pressure: Flax seeds is helpful in lower blood pressure. Those consuming 10-20 grams of flax seeds daily saw reduction in blood sugar levels. For Diabetes people flax seeds may be beneficial and nutritious addition to the diet.

Improve Cholesterol: flax seeds is capacity to lower cholesterol levels. If you are consuming flax seeds powder daily of 3 Tablespoon daily it lower the bad cholesterol.

How to use flax seeds in your daily routine:

1.    Take 1 Tablespoon of ground flax seeds daily with hot water at night to maintain your weight and cholesterol.

2.   Sprinkle the flax seeds in salad,  fruits, oatmeal you will get more fibre.

3.   Make kadha of flax seeds.


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